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MWSUG 2024 Section Descriptions

MWSUG 2024 will feature numerous presentations and e-Posters spread across a variety of academic sections. Below are descriptions of the sections we expect to include in this year's academic program.

Analysis and Advanced Analytics

Whether for small data sets or so-called big data, analytics is increasingly important to operations in business, finance, health care, academia, government and many other types of organizations. SAS is a longtime pillar in the statistical community, offering a broad array of techniques to meet the growing demand for data analysis. The Statistics and Data Analysis section provides a unique opportunity to see presentations of statistical applications using SAS software to solve today's problems. Statisticians, economists, epidemiologists, forecasters and market researchers present their novel applications of statistical methodology, teach important concepts, and illustrate the benefit of new techniques with the use of SAS/STAT®, SAS/QC®, SAS/IML®, SAS/ETS® and JMP software.

Anything Data

The Anything Data section covers interesting topics and techniques that applies to data, big and small, such as data cleaning and anomaly detection, data analysis and exploration, even data visualization and graphics.

Basics and Beyond

Papers within this section will address a broad spectrum of advanced SAS topics, including ODS, macros, SQL and JMP. Sophisticated, efficient DATA step and PROC step programming is strongly suggested. Topics will include, but are not limited to, the use of these SAS components to address advanced analytical, reporting, data mining, large data set, and data management applications. The objective of these presentations will be to provide a deeper, practical understanding of key SAS features and behaviors that can make the attendee a more efficient, valuable SAS programmer.

Business Leadership

Business Leadership is a section specifically for less technical papers, featuring presentations around solving business problems and including topics like Data for Good. This section will appeal to managers, supervisors, students and analysts hoping to understand the bigger picture of where analytics is going. Please share with your colleagues in analytics who would find this section interesting and beneficial.


e-Posters are focused on presenting graphics, source code, statistics, innovative concepts, unique deployments of data management, and more. e-Posters are available throughout the conference and are ideal for graphically displaying concepts without requiring a formal presentation. The authors of each e-Poster will be available to answer questions at a scheduled time.

Hands-On Workshops

Participating in the Hands On Workshops at MWSUG is a unique opportunity for course participants to practice applying material immediately instead of waiting until they get back to the office. Applying course materials immediately allows participants to learn more completely, more fully integrating techniques into their skill set. Trying out new techniques at the conference allows participants the added benefit of having the instructor right there with them to answer questions as they come up. The instructors in the HOW section are often nationally-known SAS experts with decades of experience who have honed both their technical SAS abilities as well as their presentation skills so course participants are treated to engaging presentations along with insightful techniques.

Pharma & Healthcare

Pharma and Healthcare section focuses on various aspects of the life science industry. Life science industry covers a broad range of topics ranging from CDISC conformance and implementation of Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) and the Analysis Data Model (ADaM) standards to development of new tools/techniques to improve on efficiency. Other topics may include things such as programming and reporting for enrollment, medical and pharmacy claims data, as well as approaches to government accreditation (URAC, HEDIS) and regulations. Health care reform reporting mandates: MLR, Exchange and detecting fraud in provider/insurer systems are some additional topics that are encapsulated within the Pharma and Healthcare section.

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