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MWSUG 2016 Interactive Schedule Grid

Welcome to the MWSUG 2016 Interactive Schedule Grid. Use the following links to jump directly to a specific half-day block or just scroll down to browse the entire schedule. Click on an individual paper title to view the names of the authors and a brief summary.

You can also view a complete list of papers and abstracts.

Note: Schedule subject to change. Last updated 03-Oct-2016.

Monday AM
Monday PM
Tuesday AM
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Monday AM

Section 8:00 AM 8:15 AM 8:30 AM 8:45 AM 9:00 AM 9:15 AM 9:30 AM 9:45 AM 10:00 AM 10:15 AM 10:30 AM 10:45 AM 11:00 AM 11:15 AM 11:30 AM
Beyond the Basics SAS A macro to batch read html files and generate standard output for the facility of the BISR from KUMC Time is of Essence: The power of MISS is NOT being missed! WAPtWAP, but remember TMTOWTDI Five Little Known, But Highly Valuable and Widely Usable, PROC SQL Programming Techniques How to Speed Up Your Validation Without Really Trying Simplifying Your %DO Loop with CALL EXECUTE
Beyond the Basics SAS Be Prompt! Do it Now! An Introduction to Prompts in SAS Enterprise Guide. A DDE Macro to Put Data Anywhere in Excel Automating the Process of Generating Publication Quality Regression Tables through SAS/Base Programming Dont Let Your Annual Report Be Such a Manual Report: Neat New Ways from SAS to Combine Text, Graph and Tabular Report How to Create Sub-Sub Headings in PROC REPORT and Why You Might Want to: Thinking about non-traditional uses of PROC REPORT
Hands-on Workshops Intermediate SAS(r) Macro Programming
SAS 101 Top Ten SAS® Performance Tuning Techniques Hashtag #Efficiency! An Introduction to Hash Tables Painless Extraction: Options and Macros with PROC PRESENV Array of Sunshine: Casting Light on Basic Array Processing Simplifying Effective Data Transformation Via PROC TRANSPOSE SAS® Debugging 101
Statistics / Advanced Analytics An Innovative Method of Customer and Program Clustering Fitting Your Favorite Mixed Models with PROC MCMC Analyzing the effect of weather on Uber Ridership Is My Model the Best? Methods for Exploring Model Fit Assessing the Impact of Communication Channel on Behavior Changes in Energy Efficiency
System Architecture and Administration Enterprise Architecture for Analytics Using TOGAF Key Tips for SAS® Grid Users SAS® Grid Administration Made Simple Spawning SAS® Sleeper Cells and Calling Them into Action: Implementing Distributed Parallel Processing in the SAS University Edition Using Commodity Computing To Maximize Performance Avoiding Code Chaos - Architectural Considerations for Sustainable Code Growth
Tools of the Trade Calculating Cardinality Ratio in Two Steps Your Local Fire Engine Has an Apparatus Inventory Sheet and So Should Your Software: Automatically Generating Software Use and Reuse Libraries and Catalogs from Standardized SAS® Code A SAS Macro to Create a Data Dictionary with Ease Base SAS® and SAS® Enterprise Guide® ~ Automate Your SAS World with Dynamic Code; Your Newest BFF (Best Friend Forever) in SAS Defensive Coding by Example: Kick the Tires, Pump the Brakes, Check Your Blind Spots, and Merge Ahead!
Meet the Presenters Amy Peters Bari Lawhorn Maura Stokes Dan Heath
SAS Super Demos What's New with the SG Procedures in SAS 9.4? What's New in SAS Studio? What's New in SAS/STAT 14.1?
Code Clinic CODE CLINIC (in the Quad) CODE CLINIC (in the Quad)

Monday PM

Section 1:00 PM 1:15 PM 1:30 PM 1:45 PM 2:00 PM 2:15 PM 2:30 PM 2:45 PM 3:00 PM 3:15 PM 3:30 PM 3:45 PM 4:00 PM
Beyond the Basics SAS I've Got to Hand It to You; Portable Programming Techniques A Macro that can Search and Replace String in your SAS Programs Anatomy of a Merge Gone Wrong Leads and Lags: Static and Dynamic Queues in the SAS® DATA STEP Data Analysis with User-Written DS2 Packages
Beyond the Basics SAS Advanced Prompting in SAS Enterprise Guide. All Aboard! Next Stop is the Destination Excel
Data Visualization and Graphics Annotating the ODS Graphics Way! Using Animation to Make Statistical Graphics Come to Life Four Thousand Reports Three Ways
Hands-on Workshops HOW - Visual Analytics A Hands-on Introduction to SAS® DATA Step Hash Programming Techniques
SAS 101 Beyond IF THEN ELSE: Techniques for Conditional Execution of SAS® Code Accessing Teradata through SAS, common pitfalls, solutions and tips
Statistics / Advanced Analytics Fixed Item Parameter Calibration with MMLE-EM Using a Fixed Prior in SAS® IML Weight-of-Evidence Coding and Binning of Predictors in Logistic Regression A Demonstration of Various Models Used in a Key Driver Analysis Using SAS to Generate p-Values with Monte Carlo Simulation
Tools of the Trade Downloading, Configuring, and Using the Free SAS® University Edition Software List Processing Macro Function CallText, Unquoting Items with Special Characters Performing Pattern Matching by Using Perl Regular Expressions Take a SPA Day with the SAS® Performance Assessment (SPA): Baselining Software Performance across Diverse Environments To Elucidate Performance Placement and Performance Drivers the Easiest Paper Ever Written. Ron Fehd, the Macro Maven, answers your macro questions
Meet the Presenters Amy Peters Robert Ray Scott Parrish Dan Heath
SAS Super Demos SAS 9.4 ODS in a Nutshell SAS Environment Manager An Introduction to Classification and Regression Trees with the HPSPLIT Procedure
Book Signing Troy Hughes, Tho Nguyen
Code Clinic CODE CLINIC (in the Quad) CODE CLINIC (in the Quad)

Tuesday AM

Section 8:00 AM 8:15 AM 8:30 AM 8:45 AM 9:00 AM 9:15 AM 9:30 AM 9:45 AM 10:00 AM 10:15 AM 10:30 AM 10:45 AM 11:00 AM 11:15 AM 11:30 AM
Beyond the Basics SAS Name that Function: Punny Function Names with Multiple MEANings and Why You Do Not Want to be MISSING Out A Failure to EXIST: Why Testing for Data Set Existence with the EXIST Function Alone Is Inadequate for Serious Software Development in Asynchronous, Multi-User, and Parallel Processing Environments SAS Advanced Programming with Efficiency in Mind: A Real Case Study From Stocks to Flows: Using SAS® HASH objects for FIFO, LIFO, and other FO's Stress Testing and Supplanting the SAS® LOCK Statement: Implementing Mutex Semaphores To Provide Reliable File Locking in Multi-User Environments To Enable and Synchronize Parallel Processing
Career Development Statistical Volunteering With SAS - Experiences and Opportunities Recruiting and Retention Strategies What's Hot - Skills for SAS® Professionals Mentoring and Oversight of Programmers across Cultures and Time Zones How to Use LinkedIn to Effectively Boost Your Career Development
Hands-on Workshops The Joinless Join ~ The Impossible Dream Come True; Expand the Power of Base SAS® and SAS® Enterprise Guide® in a New Way
Pharmaceutical Applications Fitting Complex Statistical Models with PROCs NLMIXED and MCMC Establishing Similarity of Modeled and Experimental PK/PD Hysteretic Loops using Pseudo Time Series Analysis and Dynamic Time Warping Pre-Data Checks for SDTM Development Surviving septic shock: How SAS helped a critical care nursing staff fulfill its septic shock reporting requirements Frequentist and Bayesian Interim Analysis in Clinical Trials: Group Sequential Testing and Posterior Predictive Probability Monitoring Using SAS
Statistics / Advanced Analytics An Animated Guide: Penalized variable selection techniques in SAS and Quantile Regression To be two or not be two, that is a LOGISTIC question Modeling Longitudinal Categorical Response Data An Analysis of the Repetitiveness of Lyrics in Predicting a Song's Popularity
Statistics / Advanced Analytics Identifying the factors responsible for loan defaults and classification of customers using SAS Enterprise Miner The Practice of Credit Risk Modeling for Alternative Lending Analyzing sentiments in tweets for Tesla Model 3 Hybrid recommendation system to provide suggestions based on user reviews
Tools of the Trade Removing Duplicates Using SAS® A Sysparm Companion, Passing Values to a Program from the Command Line Recapping Two Winning ODS Layout Talks for SAS® 9.4: ODS Destination for PowerPoint and the ODS PDF Destination An Animated Guide: The Internals of PROC Report
Meet the Presenters Maura Stokes Robert Ray Scott Parrish Bari Lawhorn
SAS Super Demos What's the Scoop on SAS Viya? Under the Hood of the SAS Code Accelerator for Hadoop
Book Signing Art Carpenter, Kirk Lafler
Code Clinic CODE CLINIC (in the Quad) CODE CLINIC (in the Quad)

Tuesday PM

Section 1:15 PM 1:30 PM 1:45 PM 2:00 PM 2:15 PM 2:30 PM 2:45 PM 3:00 PM 3:15 PM 3:30 PM 3:45 PM 4:00 PM 4:15 PM
BI / Customer Intelligence Reducing Customer Attrition with Predictive Analytics for Financial Institutions Building a Better Dashboard Using SAS® Base Software SAS® Automation & SAS® Code Improvement (Making Codes Dynamic) Macro method to use Google Maps" and SAS® to find the shortest driving and straight line distances between 2 addresses in the United States
Beyond the Basics SAS Solving Common PROC SQL Performance Killers when using ODBC Implementing a Medicaid Claims Processing System using SAS® software A Novel Implementation of BASE SAS® Using Limited Resources In An Effective Manner Finding National Best Bid and Best Offer - Quote by Quote A Macro That Can Fix Data Length Inconsistency and Detect Data Type Inconsistency
Data Visualization and Graphics SAS/GRAPH® and GfK Maps: a Subject Matter Expert Winning Combination Using Big Data to Visualize People Movement Using SAS Basics Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Data Right Over: Exploring External Geographic Data Sources with SAS(R)
Hands-on Workshops Working with the SAS® ODS EXCEL Destination to Send Graphs, and Use Cascading Style Sheets When Writing to EXCEL Workbooks
Rapid Fire Utilizing PROC CONTENTS with Macro Programming to Summarize and Tabulate Copious Amounts of Data I Have a Secret: How Can I Hide Small Numbers from Public View? Importing CSV Data to All Character Variables Fitting a Cumulative Logistic Regression Model Your Place or Mine: Data-Driven Summary Statistic Precision An Application of CALL VNEXT The Power of Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) Plot in Assessing Clinical Outcomes Hedonic House Price Project: Quantifying relative importance of crime rate on House price A Quick Macro to Replace Missing Values with Null for Numeric Fields within a CSV File Tips and Tricks for Producing Time-Series Cohort Data Generating Custom Shape Files for Data Visualization An Animated Guide: Under-standing the logic of the ROC Curve Two Shades of Gray: Imple-menting Gray's Test of Equi-valence of CIF in SAS 9.4
Statistics / Advanced Analytics An Animated Guide: Deep Neural Networks in SAS E. Miner Use Multi-Stage Model to Target the Most Valuable Customers An Introduction to the HPFOREST Procedure and its Options The State of Human Trafficking in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area - a Statistical Case Study
Statistics / Advanced Analytics Property & Casualty Insurance Predictive Analytics in SAS® Discover the golden paths, unique sequences and marvelous associations out of your big data using Link Analysis in SAS® Enterprise Miner TM
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