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MWSUG 2013 Interactive Schedule Grid

Welcome to the MWSUG 2013 Interactive Schedule Grid. Use the following links to jump directly to a specific half-day block or just scroll down to browse the entire schedule. Click on an individual paper title to view the names of the authors and a brief summary.

Note: Schedule subject to change. Last updated 20-Sep-2013.

Monday AM
Monday PM
Tuesday AM
Tuesday PM

Monday AM

Section 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM
Advanced Analytics PROC SURVEYSELECT as a Tool for Drawing Random Samples Finding the Gold in Your Data: An Overview of Data Mining Logistics Performance Metrics using SAS® Macros Leading & Lagging Indicators in SAS®
Banking and Financial Services PROC NLMIXED and PROC IML Mixture distribution application in Operational Risk Use SAS/ETS to Forecast Credit Loss for CCAR
Beyond the Basics Add a Little Magic to Your Joins Same Data Different Attributes: Cloning Issues with Data Sets The Secret Life of Data Step How Do I . . .? There is more than one way to solve that problem; Why continuing to learn is so important A First Look at the ODS Destination for PowerPoint
Customer Intelligence Few SAS PROCs that Help Improving College Recruitment and Enrollment Strategies Introducing PROC PSYCHIC Marrying Customer Intelligence with Customer Segmentations to Drive Improvements to Your CRM Strategy SAS PROC REPORT: How It Helps Improving College Student Retention Rate
Hands-On Workshops Know Thy Data: Techniques for Data Exploration Fast Access Tricks for Large Sorted SAS Files
JMP Dealing with Data below the Detection Limit: Limit Estimation and Data Modeling The JMP Journal: An Analyst's Best Friend 2x10-Minute JMP® JMP, and Teaching JMP: a panel discussion Google® Search Tips and Techniques for SAS® and JMP® Users
Pharmaceutical Apps Introduction to REDCap for Clinical Data Collection SAS and REDCap API: Efficient and Reproducible Data Import and Export Let SAS® Do Your DIRty Work An Analysis of Risk Behavior Trends and Mental Health in American Youth Using PROC SURVEYLOGISTIC Creation and Implementation of an Analytic Dataset for a Multisite Surveillance Study using Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Medical Claims Data Examining Risk Factors of Referred and Substantiated Child Maltreatment in California Latino Infants Using PROC GENMOD
SAS 101 The Essence of DATA Step Programming The Power of Macros Strategies and Techniques for Debugging SAS® Program Errors and Warnings Using SAS® to Analyze Data Submitted to the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Introducing a Colorful PROC TABULATE
SAS Super Demos Introducing SAS® Visual Analytics: Mobile Introducing SAS Visual Analytics Overview What's New in SAS® Customer Intelligence

Monday PM

Section 12:30 PM 1:00 PM 1:30 PM 2:00 PM 2:30 PM
Posters Meet the Poster Authors
Advanced Analytics Ideas and Examples in Generalized Linear Mixed Models Uncovering Patterns in Textual Data for SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Text Analytics
Banking and Financial Services SAS Automation - From Password Protected Excel Raw Data to Professional-Looking PowerPoint Report Modeling Proportions in SAS
Beyond the Basics The Joinless Join; Expand the Power of SAS® Enterprise Guide® in a New Way A Better Way to Flip (Transpose) a SAS® Dataset Anatomy of a Merge Gone Wrong
Customer Intelligence Big Data, Fast Processing Speeds SAS® Treatments: One to One Marketing with a Customized Treatment Process
Hands-On Workshops Getting Excel-lent Data Generating SAS Datasets from a Directory of Spreadsheets
JMP When will it break? Exploring Product Reliability Using JMP. Design of Experiments (DOE) using JMP
Pharmaceutical Apps A Tutorial on PROC LOGISTIC Using SAS in Clinical Programming Project Management from Excel Spreadsheets Reading and Writing RTF Documents as Data: Automatic Completion of CONSORT Flow Diagrams
SAS 101 Insurance Designation Randomization Application or How to Automate Your Bragging Let the CAT Out of the Bag: String Concatenation in SAS 9 Data Cleaning 101: An Analyst's Perspective Power Trip: A Road Map of PROC POWER
SAS Super Demos Executing SQL inside DS2 What's New in Foundation SAS for 9.4

Tuesday AM

Section 8:00 AM 8:30 AM 9:00 AM 9:30 AM 10:00 AM 10:30 AM 11:00 AM
Advanced Analytics Improved Interaction Interpretation: Application of the EFFECTPLOT Statement and Other Useful Features in PROC LOGISTIC. Analyzing Continuous Variables from Complex Survey Data Using PROC SURVEYMEANS Analyzing Categorical Variables from Complex Survey Data Using PROC SURVEYFREQ Adventures in Path Analysis and Preparatory Analysis Managing and Monitoring Statistical Models Introduction to Market Basket Analysis
BI Applications, Systems Architecture & Admin. Using the SAS Projman Application for Scheduling Projects Seamless Dynamic Web (and Smart Device!) Reporting with SAS® Beating Gridlock: Parallel Programming with SAS® Grid Computing and SAS/CONNECT® Building a dynamic SAS HTML report with JavaScript and SAS Tagsets Going to SAS EG from SAS PC ?
Beyond the Basics Optimize Your Delete Not All Equals are Created Equal: Nonstandard Statement Structures in the DATA Step Efficient and Smart Ways to Manage Datasets for Clinical Data- Let SAS Do the Dirty Laundry! Life Imitates Art: ODS Output Data Sets that Look like Listing Output Creating Formats on the Fly
Customer Intelligence Residential Energy Efficiency and the Principal-Agent Problem sasNerd®: Better Searches = Better Results Applying Customer Analytics to Promotion Decisions
Data Visualization and Graphics PROC SGPLOT over PROC GPLOT The Graph Template Language: Beyond the SAS/GRAPH® Procedures SAS® Tile Charts: Thousands of Business Tips with One Click
Hands-On Workshops Using SAS® ODS Graphics Building a Better Bar Chart with SAS® Graph Template Language
In-Conference Training Top 10 SAS Best Programming Practices They Didn't Teach You in School
SAS 101 Effectively Utilizing Loops and Arrays in the DATA Step SAS: Tips and Tricks Data Presentation 101: An Analyst's Perspective I Heart SAS Users A Poor/Rich SAS® User's PROC EXPORT Writing Macro Do Loops with Dates from Then to When
SAS Super Demos Publish with SAS What's New in 9.4 for SAS Intelligence Platform Administrators

Tuesday PM

Section 1:00 PM 1:15 PM 1:30 PM 1:45 PM 2:00 PM 2:15 PM 2:30 PM 2:45 PM 3:00 PM 3:15 PM 3:30 PM 3:45 PM
Advanced Analytics Information Value Statistic Structural Equation Modeling Using the CALIS Procedure in SAS/STAT® Software
BI Applications, Systems Architecture & Admin. Transitioning from Batch and Interactive SAS to SAS Enterprise Guide Improving your Relationship with SAS EG: Tips from SAS Tech Support SAS Stored Processes on the Web - Building Blocks
Banking and Financial Services Advanced Multithreading Techniques for Performance Improvement of SAS® Processes Changing a Static Condition to a Dynamic Data-Driven Field with SAS® Addressing Fraudulent Payment Activity with Advanced Decision Management Analytics Data Quality Governance for Data Sourcing and Analytics Team
Black Belt SAS Using Microsoft® Windows® DLLs within SAS® Programs Macro Design Ideas, Theory or Template SAS® Commands PIPE and CALL EXECUTE; Dynamically Advancing from Strangers to Best Friends Top 10 SAS Best Programming Practices They Didn't Teach You in School
Data Visualization and Graphics Using ODS PDF, Style Templates, Inline Styles, and PROC REPORT with SAS® Macro Programs Bordering on Success with PROC GMAP in SAS®: Utilizing Annotate Datasets to Enhance Your Maps A Concise Display of Multiple Response Items Time Contour Plots
Hands-On Workshops Hands-on SAS® Macro Programming Tips and Techniques Using PROC FCMP to the Fullest: Getting Started and Doing More
Rapid Fire Copy and Paste from Excel to SAS® Increase Your Productivity by Doing Less Getting Wild with Imports Does foo Pass-Through? SQL Coding Methods and Examples using SAS® software The Utility of the DATA Step Debugger in Logic Errors Reuse, Don't Reinvent: Extending Model Selection Using Recursive Macro Data Review Information: N-Levels or Cardinality Ratio Improve Your ODS Experience with These Essential VBScript Tools An Efficient Approach to Automatically Convert Multiple Text Files (.TXT) to Rich Text Format Files (.RTF) Using SAS Maintaining Formats when Exporting Data from SAS into Microsoft Excel Don't Get Blindsided by PROC COMPARE
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